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Meg Faulkner

Senior Loan Officer

NMLS: #184955


   Office: 207.781.4959 x 102

Direct: 207.289.9575




Meg brings 15 years of experience to the Approved Home Mortgage "AHM" team. She has worked in many roles in the mortgage lending industry. Understanding so many parts of the process has really allowed her to become a knowledge leader in the industry. Being able to explain the "why's?" and "how comes?" to clients really helps eliminate anxiety and build trust and confidence with her clients. She loves educating people enough to be able to collaboratively make great decisions for the infinite future. Her career goal is to help her clients' get to accomplish their goals, while setting up the best foundation for their future.

"I have a passion for what I do. I have spent years learning and continue to seek the most knowledge to be able to give my clients and networks the best service and resource in the industry. I always have a desire to learn. I am so happy to be a part of a team where I feel surrounded by some of the most experienced in the business.

"I am lucky to have the opportunity to do what I do and take the responsibility I have seriously."

Meg grew up in Delaware and spent some time in Philadelphia studying art and business before moving to Maine in 1999. She lives in Portland with her husband Mark and their 3 girls. Meg says raising 3 girls has been the greatest experience and training for the business world and working under pressure. "I love challenges and being able to strategically find a resolution that leaves a positive lasting effect."

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