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MicroBrew & Mortgage Tour.   

This is a four part series put on by Terry Robinson of AHM and Erika Puschock of F.O. Bailey Real Estate. Check back to see when the next class is.


In April, AHM invited some local real estate agents to come meet the new team. This was one of several "meet us" events we will have this year.


We support charitable giving...

Support this year includes:

hops for heat

WinterKids Downhill24

Pins For A Cure

House in the Woods

Greely High Baseball

Swim Bike Run - Kids Triathilon in Cumberland 


The Animal Refuge League, SPCA and your local shelter

Several of our team members have pets and have supported local shelters by giving or by adopting. Giving does not just include funds, you can donate your time or other resources such as old towels. Contact your local center today to find out how you can help.

Pictured is an exotic animal that has been adopted. 

*Note* Exotic animals have become more prevalent in the USA, but what many don't consider is that these animals need extra care and may live a very long time, even outliving thier owners. Many birds, especially those that live 40 years or more, need a permanent space to go when thier owners can no longer care for them. Bird sanctuaries exist across the country and need help from the public. See the one listed below or research to find one in your area. www.flabirdsanctuary.org 

Getting Water Right - The Clean Water Project. 

An AHM team member supports this worthy cause. For more information go to: https://www.facebook.com/gettingwaterright


We support local business...

We work in, live in and care about the communities that we serve!

Local Playing Cards has printed decks of playing cards featuring businesses from the Portland area, one on each card. Think of it as your local hot spot directory that you can have fun with. They will be coming out in June....look for them in and around Portland.



AHM/MCG Meet & Greet
House in the Woods Golf Tournament

Bailey is in his 20's and is now in his third home. He may need several more in his lifetime or go to a sanctuary.

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